Conferenze su SL

In questa pagina raccogliamo le opinioni della gente che abbiamo incontrato su SL, che ci spiegano perchè secondo loro la conferenza su SL è un mezzo migliore di una semplice video conferenza ad esempio:

Le opinioni

Maarsman Vacano su ING, Our Virtual Holland:

[6:18] Zap Biedermann: hello
[6:18] Zap Biedermann: i've read you are the owner of act virtual
[6:19] Maarsman Vacano: hi zap
[6:19] Maarsman Vacano: yeah that is true
[6:19] Zap Biedermann: what's act virtual about?
[6:20] Maarsman Vacano: we guide real life companies into virtual worlds, mainly second life
[6:20] Zap Biedermann: and you set up conferences in SL too?
[6:20] Maarsman Vacano: not specifically, but we could do that
[6:22] Zap Biedermann: do you think conferences in SL are a good way to collaborate and communicate with other people or you think that the "traditional" ways to do that (eg video conferences) are enough?
[6:22] Maarsman Vacano: no, the possibilities sl gives wil make it even more interesting then video conferencing
[6:23] Maarsman Vacano: sl is even more immersice
[6:23] Maarsman Vacano: immersive
[6:23] Zap Biedermann: why?
[6:24] Maarsman Vacano: because you speak of enviroments, video conferencing misses a little 'fun' and the enviroments can be build so that they will trigger people to think a little different or freeer
[6:25] Zap Biedermann: yes but people only can read what i'm saying.. can't listen..
[6:25] Zap Biedermann: (till today..)
[6:25] Maarsman Vacano: yeah, Voice over IP wil guide sl into a new are with new possibilities
[6:28] Zap Biedermann: thank you very much.. you've been very kind!
[6:28] Maarsman Vacano: no problem zap

Jolanda OurVirtualHolland su ING, Our Virtual Holland

[5:17] Zap Biedermann: you are the owner of ourvirtualholland?
[5:17] Jolanda OurVirtualHolland: no i ma not the owner ..i am the community manager
[5:21] Zap Biedermann: by you, why one should prefer to make conferences here in SL instead of a "traditional" video conference?
[5:22] Jolanda OurVirtualHolland: it depence on the subject..but from here you get world wide responce and yeh it is a bit annomous spontanieus
[5:23] Jolanda OurVirtualHolland: i would say
[5:23] Jolanda OurVirtualHolland: if you understand the words
[5:25] Jolanda OurVirtualHolland: besides you logg in easily then video
[5:25] Zap Biedermann: well, but don't you think that seeing and listenig (overall this) who is talking is better than seeing her/his avatar and only reading what he/she says?
[5:25] Jolanda OurVirtualHolland: that is why i said ..depends on the subject

Alzer Mohr e Amilee Nemeth su IBM

[6:12] You: hello!
[6:12] Alzer Mohr: Hello Zap !
[6:13] You: are you ibmer?
[6:13] Alzer Mohr: I am
[6:13] You: well.. can i ask you some questions?
[6:14] Alzer Mohr: yes I am here to answer questioins
[6:14] You: have you ever partecipated to any conference here in SL?
[6:14] Alzer Mohr: yes
[6:14] Alzer Mohr: frequently
[6:14] You: very well
[6:15] You: and what you think about conferencing in SL?
[6:15] Alzer Mohr: I persoanlly think its an awesome technology
[6:15] Alzer Mohr: you can get people from around that planet to have a meeting
[6:15] Alzer Mohr: and they interact just like in the real world
[6:15] Alzer Mohr: no body has to board a plane
[6:16] You: in a video conference too…
[6:16] Alzer Mohr: video conferencing requires expensive video conferencing tools
[6:16] Alzer Mohr: and dose not work very well when yo uhave mutiple sites
[6:17] You: so it's basically an economic convenience…
[6:17] Alzer Mohr: this is a much more natural interaction
[6:17] Alzer Mohr: in a flat world I think thats very important
[6:17] Emilee Nemeth: And you don't need to make up for the camera ^ ^
[6:18] Alzer Mohr: but its not just conferencing
[6:18] You: lol
[6:18] Alzer Mohr: yes you dont have to worry about how you look
[6:18] You: alzer… everybody says conferencing here in SL is more "immersive" than video conference… what you think they intend?
[6:19] Alzer Mohr: dont you think ?
[6:19] Alzer Mohr: isnt this meeting we have here
[6:19] Alzer Mohr: much better than peoples heads in a conference room
[6:19] Alzer Mohr: I feel much more comfortable here
[6:19] You: well.. i think it's immersive just like a video conference, but less than a real meeting..
[6:19] Alzer Mohr: than in one of those meeting
[6:19] Alzer Mohr: really
[6:20] Alzer Mohr: why is this less than a real meeting
[6:20] You: less immersive i mean
[6:20] Emilee Nemeth: Zap you can move your camera and see better than in a conference video
[6:20] Alzer Mohr: let me tell you a story
[6:20] You: ok
[6:20] Alzer Mohr: some IBMers here
[6:20] Alzer Mohr: were hanging out debating an issue
[6:20] Alzer Mohr: and it was getting pretty heated
[6:21] Alzer Mohr: we were debating what we want to do here at this exact point
[6:21] Alzer Mohr: and all of a sudden
[6:21] Alzer Mohr: all of a sudden a customer walks in
[6:21] Alzer Mohr: or teleports in
[6:21] Alzer Mohr: and I start asking him questions
[6:22] Alzer Mohr: the silence that occured in our debate was palpable
[6:22] Alzer Mohr: we could actully feel it
[6:22] Alzer Mohr: it was a very amazing experience
[6:22] Alzer Mohr: people feel real emotions here
[6:22] Alzer Mohr: you become attached to your avatar
[6:23] Alzer Mohr: to other avatars
[6:23] You: well.. my theory is still valid… in video conference too there are real emotions…
[6:24] You: and i can see the face of the person who is speaking
[6:24] Alzer Mohr: Im not saying that there isnt a place for it
[6:24] Emilee Nemeth: Yes people try to speak a lot in real conferences, I like here, there is more time

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