Nascono nuovi mondi virtuali

Dopo il successo riscosso da Second Life, due tra le più importanti aziende al mondo hanno deciso di creare un mondo virtuale tutto loro, in cui solo i diepndenti delle due aziende hanno accesso: si tratta di SUN e IBM, entrambe già fortemente presenti su Second Life

Qui sotto riportiamo la discussione avuta presso l'ufficio clienti sull'isola di Sun Microsystem con due collaboratori di Sun

[5:42] You: hello
[5:42] Jhaczyn Writer: hello, and good morning
[5:43] Jhaczyn Writer: where are you from?
[5:44] You: hello
[5:44] You: i'm from italy
[5:45] Jhaczyn Writer: I'm in the US… are you a SUn employee?
[5:45] You: no
[5:45] You: i'm an ityalian student
[5:46] Jhaczyn Writer: good for you, what are you studying?
[5:46] You: i'm going to graduate in engeneering
[5:46] You: can we have a little talk about conferences in sl?
[5:47] Jhaczyn Writer: if you like… I'm waiting for a co-worker to appear so we can discuss this week-ends issues with our customers
[5:48] You: ok, we can talk till he appears.. right?
[5:49] Jhaczyn Writer: I'll be in and out…I'm tracing a customer error as we speak…
[5:49] Jhaczyn Writer: what would you like to knoiw about conferences?
[5:50] You: i'm doing a little research for my marketing course at the university
[5:51] You: i'd lke to know the advantages that a company encounters in doing conferences in sl…
[5:52] Jhaczyn Writer: well, for us, since there are a lot of employees who work remotely, it gives us a centralized place to meet "virtually", similiar to an office meeting
[5:53] Jhaczyn Writer: it also tends to be more interactive than a conference call
[5:53] You: exactly this! why it's more interactive?
[5:55] Jhaczyn Writer: for me, there is the history window, so you can track what is being said by all, secondly, it allows you to participate by sharing common problems with your team.
[5:55] Jhaczyn Writer: so if you are scattered from all over, like you and I, we can involve the remote employees as a single entity
[5:56] You: ok, do you think that conference in sl are better than for example videoconferences?
[5:58] Jhaczyn Writer: I do not have that much experience with video conferences, but from what I have, they tend to be more of a example of disimmenating information than exchanging it
[5:58] Jhaczyn Writer: good mornign Guy
[5:58] Jhaczyn Writer: nice that you could make it
[5:58] Guy Trenchard: good morning
[5:58] You: good morning guy
[5:58] Jhaczyn Writer: this is Zap, he's a college student from Italy
[5:58] You: can i make you on more question jhaczyn?
[5:58] Jhaczyn Writer: sure
[5:59] You: thanks
[5:59] You: i know that sun microsytems have just created an its own virtual world
[5:59] You: whay?
[5:59] You: whay?
[5:59] You: sorry, why?
[6:01] Jhaczyn Writer: I think it's to allow potential customer a "virtual" look and feel of what Sun has to offer. There are demo's that are going to be set up for customers to look at, and possibly try
[6:02] You: but anyone can enter in that virtual world or only sun emloyee?
[6:02] Jhaczyn Writer: yuo're here, are you not?
[6:02] Jhaczyn Writer: There may be places reserved for Sun employees, but I'm not involved with that..
[6:03] You: ok thank you for your answers
[6:03] You: if you have time
[6:04] You: can you answer to a short questionary?
[6:05] Jhaczyn Writer: let Guy give it a shot, I'd like to see what he has to say…OK with you Guy?
[6:05] Paty Zabelin is Online
[6:05] Guy Trenchard: sure
[6:06] Guy Trenchard: still checking wrok from the weekend
[6:06] You: ok, i send you thew questionary by IM
[6:06] You: ok guy
[6:06] You: hello
[6:07] Guy Trenchard: ok
[6:07] You: i and jhaczyn where discussing about advantages in conferences here in sl
[6:07] You: what do you think?
[6:08] You: in this meanwhile i've sended you a questionary about conferences
[6:09] Guy Trenchard: this is live viedo conference back in 2003 [6:08] Guy Trenchard: you could do but it was and is painful [6:08] Guy Trenchard: after voice comes this will kill alot of minor travel [6:08] Sally Damask is typing…
[6:11] You: sorry, but i din't understand what you meant…
[6:11] Guy Trenchard: meeting in SL is goiung to get much better soon
[6:12] You: why?
[6:16] Guy Trenchard: zap this is barly functional now
[6:17] Jhaczyn Writer: who's yawning?
[6:17] Guy Trenchard: this needs to be real time voice and file transfers
[6:17] Jhaczyn Writer: I am not experincing any latency
[6:17] You: well voice is near..
[6:19] You: however, thank you so much for your answers!
[6:19] You: i left a short questionary to you by IM
[6:20] You: if you have time please answer me by male
[6:20] Guy Trenchard: np
[6:20] Jhaczyn Writer: same here… some time later today…
[6:20] You: ok no problem, i'm not in a hurry
[6:21] You: thank you
[6:21] You: c ya

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